Don’t always believe what you see or read on TV or Instagram.
The trick to better eating is very different to the hype that you see on TV or on Instagram.

Fad or short term “miracle” diets might get you looking good in a short time, but they can be averse to your health in the long run.
While it might not be as sexy as some of these other diets, The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating lays out the raw basics of what you should have in your cupboards and fridge and how much of it you should consume.

You might remember the old food pyramid from school?  The new guidelines are very similar. The basics for good nutrition are as follows:

Of course, eating the right food is only one of five of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
The right food should be balanced with:
* Physical Activity
* Limited intake of foods containing saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and alcohol
* Encouragement and support; and
* Proper preparation and storage of foods.